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Welcome to the Real Estate Hall of Fame!

Induction into the Real Estate Hall of Fame is the admission to the most prestigious group of Real Estate Professionals in the world. It is recognition of your outstanding performance in the Real Estate Industry and in your community. There is no higher or better reward for your excellence.

You well be identified in the Hall of Fame Website as one of the most outstanding Real Estate professionals in the world. To be listed in the Hall of Fame’s website is the achievement of a lifetime in your chosen field.

There are many Real Estate Professionals who have been acclaimed by their companies or their states with awards, but only a few are admitted to the Real Estate Hall of Fame. Most of these are people who are consistently exceptional throughout their career.

Being listed on the website of the Hall of Fame is also a source of business. This website is the source of many leads, since people who visit the site to find the best, then check into the website of the inductee.

If you meet the Selection Criteria found on this website, we encourage you to apply. You may be one of the outstanding people we are looking for. You may not be able to measure your self against 1,000,000 agents and broker in the United States, but we can.

The Hall of Fame was started by real estate people for Real Estate Professionals. We are not allied with or supported by any groups or organizations. We are entirely self-supporting with the exception of all of our expenses for office, clerical, web hosting, telephone and communications, which are contributed. Therefore, we enjoy being able to make objective selections.

We have only one level of membership in the Hall of Fame and that is induction.all applications are subject to induction committee approval.
To apply, use our online form.


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