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Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Famers


  John Elliott New Home Sales Group, LLC

Realtor® Emeritus
Graduate of the Realtors Institute
Certified Sales Professional


15049 Derby Circle Rosemount, MN 55068

(612) 720 - 6956
Years in R. E:
E-Mail address:
Web Address:

John Elliott has experienced a broad range of real estate activities in his career. Currently he is Broker/Owner of Easy Street Realty in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. In the past he has been heavily involved in new-home sales management and resale sales management, land development, homebuilding, and condominium conversions in the 80’s. He recently has been consulting on real estate developments in Belize. He has always been very involved in both the local Homebuilders Association and the local Board of Realtors – most recently as a member of the Ethics and Arbitration Committee. Outside of real estate, he has involved himself in various volunteer activities – both within the Church and with Prison Fellowship, (a program to work with inmates through the chaplains in state and federal prisons).

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