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If you are not an Internet Real Estate marketer today, you are missing one of today’s most important tools to greater success.

Today you need a web site to feature you as an agent/ broker and also as a means for you to keep you in contact with your:

  • customers & clients;
  • prospects & suspects;
  • neighbors & friends;
  • people in your “farm” area
  • condo & home owners.

Today through the use of an auto responder, you can send mass e-mails and newsletters to your “opted-in” list of subscribers. You can also gather information to help you solve customers’ problems or questions. Best of all you build a rapport with all your subscribers so that they will think of you when a friend mentions they are thinking of selling their home.

The best information we have found on how to use the Internet to market is Cory Rudi’s book on Internet Marketing. This two volume series will give you the most down to earth information on Internet marketing. Click here and preview this fabulous information and become one of the Real Estate marketers of the future.

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